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Our City's Outreach focuses on four synergistic program directives that support our vision, and our culture of collaboration, inspiration, and integrity. The supplemental services we offer our resident veterans play a pivotal role in the personal growth and sustainability of those who want to reintegrate back into the community as productive members of society.

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Our collaborative programs are designed to help individuals rediscover their purpose and inspire their willingness to relearn the interpersonal skills they'll need in order to navigate the complexities of a self-derived, client-centered treatment plan. Our heroes also need and deserve a safe place they can call home, the support of the community, and professional guidance.

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We are committed to expanding our network of transitional support homes that provide residents with a stable living environment, and offer supplemental support services to help residents develop independent, self-sufficient living skills. Our support homes form the foundation of our community assistance program, and are designed to give residents the tools they need to get back on their feet.

Our transitional living directive is driven by our collaborative approach to community service and is fundamental to helping indigent and at-risk veterans reintegrate back into the community as productive members of society. Each of our transitional homes will operate in service to the local the neighborhood and will provide resources to other community service programs. Each home will also offer on-going support services to former residents who continue to pursue long-term success while maintaining long-term sobriety. 

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Our dynamic team of clinical professionals and counselors believe in taking a collaborative approach to treatment.  Our treatment program will be supported by compassionate, multidisciplinary individuals, that deliver personalized care to each resident and their families. We believe everyone who is suffering from substance-abuse problems should have access to suitable treatment options.

We understand that long-term success for most people, is dependent upon their long-term sobriety. Therefore, our team incorporates cognitive behavioral therapy and clinical health practices into each clients’ success plan and supports each client with a network of healthcare providers, licensed physicians, addiction counselors, and treatment options that include medical detox, inpatient/outpatient, individual/family therapy, and self-guided aftercare services for individuals in active recovery.  Our substance-abuse treatment program will be led by Clinical Director, Douglas Tucker, Sr., and a small team of team of trained professionals with the knowledge, expertise, and compassion to offer treatments that work.

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We incorporate cognitive behavioral therapy and clinical health practices into each of our residents' mission plan and connect directly to our network of healthcare specialists. Veterans suffering from P.T.S.D. have significant challenges ahead and need specialized support if they're going to have any chance of achieving any long-term success for is dependent upon their mental strength and fortitude.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition that affects millions of people each year, and it comes at a great cost to those who are diagnosed. According to some experts PTSD has one of the most expensive disorders to treat.Our addiction treatment program will be supported by a multidisciplinary team of clinical professionals who deliver compassionate, personalized care to each resident and their families. We are committed to providing individuals suffering from addiction with the tools they need to regain their independence and live a life of their dreams.

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Our planning directive begins with a comprehensive evaluation by one of our counselors and designed to match everyone’s specific level of experience, education, substance-abuse history, and mental/physical health. We focus on helping individuals identify and engage vocational programs that offer skilled training, continuing education, career development, and job placement services.

Our vocational guidance counselors are trained to develop comprehensive assessments for each resident and provide guidance keep the vocational plan, which each resident is required to complete within their first 10 days of residency. Each employment mission plan is customized to each individuals’ specific goals, needs, skills and circumstances, and becomes their personal guide as they rediscover their higher purpose. Our vocational team also offers on-going mentoring and life coaching services to former residents who continue to promote their own long-term success and recovery in sobriety.

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