Tim Peterson |  Director of Operations

Tim Peterson is a co-founder of Our Cities Outreach. His family has a lengthy and decorated history of military service. His grandfather served in World War II, participating in the invasion of Normandy with the Army’s First Infantry Division, and his father was a sergeant with the 101st Airborne ‘Screaming Eagles” during the Bay of Pigs invasion. Tim’s father is a longtime member of the American Legion and Tim is a member of the Sons of the American Legion.

Tim has helped establish and grow multiple businesses, including California Carpet Dryers, Color for Cabinets, and (sober living business here). Tim has over 3,000 hours as a volunteer wildland firefighter with CAL FIRE, has been completed dozens of remodels on distressed properties throughout Orange County. Tim is a master craftsman, and his fine work is on display in businesses, luxury homes and institutions throughout Southern California.

In 2015 Tim shifted his career into addiction treatment and has spent the past 4 years dedicated to helping others realize their full potential. He is inspired by his father’s and grandfather’s military service and uses their stories to fuel his purpose. Tim is a veteran of a different kind of war, the War on Drugs. And in 2018 Tim saw the growing need for aftercare treatment and vocational training for those who struggle with substance abuse and homelessness and formed Our Cities Outreach with Douglas Tucker so they could serve those who once served them.

Phillip Filkins  |  Vocational Director

Phillip is an integral part of our team and is the Director of Vocational Training. He is a U.S. Army veteran who used his G.I. bill after his service to earn a bachelors degree in Electron Engineering. With his education and army experience, he has been able to work in many prestigious semiconductor and defense companies.

“With experience and desire to learn technology and craftsmanship, I have committed myself to teaching others the same skills so they can find their path to a fulfilling life”

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